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FREE SHIPPING 29/10 - 3/11

enter code 1CELAND at the checkout for free shipping. we are in iceland this week,

all orders posted 4/11 unless otherwise stated

house of bean

we live in a world of fast cars and faster food, throw away fashion and tossing the litter.


making small choices that can positively affect our environment aren't hard. i choose only organic fabrics, natural dyes, rainwater collection, wooden screens and water based inks. i choose living in a van and using the heat from my fire to colour your clothing. 

i do these things so that you don't have to. so that you can choose to wear conscious, sustainable clothing that has been honestly and thoughtfully made.

jack of all trades, master of however many he chooses.

an evolution of craft.


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upcoming events

we're just driving around at the minute... we hope to see you at some events soon!