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hand embroidered stripy colourful hot air balloon with a wee lil character sailing away in it...


cap is a striking turquoise blue


adjustable strap at back which is unfortunately velcro (i didn't realise when I ordered them)

up and away balloon cap

  • each of these caps are completely unique and there will never be another of the same design and colour embroidered. to me, each of these caps has quite a story as i usually carry round a few blank caps and my embroidery tin with me, ready to make a few wherever i go.

  • I can only accept returns if you have found a fault in the product that is as a result in an error of my making.  I cannot offer refunds based on incorrect sizing as I write all sizes on each listing and each product made is unique, the same cannot be made in another size. If there is a fault then I will accept returns, for which I will pay the return shipping so that you are not out of pocket.