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this series of 6 jumpers I made all with this crazy diagonal peak patchwork thing going on are probably my favourite to date... and only this one is left!!


black, beige, khaki, hand-dyed cloudy grey and hand-dyed indigo are all the colours that are going on... and to me it looks like you should be in the forest somwhere exploring when you're wearing this, it'll also keep you damn cosy seeing as it measures an ample 30" accross the chest 



it features the mexican snake and agave prints, and the 'feel free' alien.


find me in the forest sweat

  • I can only accept returns if you have found a fault in the product that is as a result in an error of my making.  I cannot offer refunds based on incorrect sizing as I write all sizes on each listing and each product made is unique, the same cannot be made in another size. If there is a fault then I will accept returns, for which I will pay the return shipping so that you are not out of pocket.

  • Made from 100% cotton sweatshirts, cut up and sewn back together using industrial grade machinery and high grade polyester threads. The blank white sweatshirts are dyed in buckets wherever I am, then washed out and left to dry. The jumpers may be patchworked at this point, if not then printed first. The screen printing process happens on a hard wooden floor using handmade wooden screens and textile ink. Each design is cut into a stencil and applied to the screen, before being printed. The artwork is heat set using an iron or bench press (depending if i'm in a studio) to make it long-lasting.