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made using 55% organic hemp 45% organic cotton jersey, dyed charcoal black
the front is lined with Ready AbZorb organic bamboo dimpled fabric microencapsulated with silver, creating a hypoallergenic, bacteria-fighting layer which regulates your body temperature. the entire surface is covered in small breathable 'bubbles' that allow air to pass both ways and will stop the fabric feeling damp when you sweat. this fabric is VERY expensive and only available in america... but to me it's all worth it to be wearing something that will feel comfortable no matter how long you wear it. 
the edges are hemmed with matte black elastic and the underbust has 1" decorative elastic around it
measures 15" unstreteched which when fully stretched is 20", allowing it to fit chest sizes 32-40". the height of the cup from elastic to the top of the triangle is 8.5". Will fit cup sizes up to E

hand printed with my own Mexican birdie print in white

mexican birdie lined hemp bralet