naturally dyed light orange 55% organic hemp 45% organic cotton jersey


hand printed with matte forest green UK made eco friendly ink are two large sunflowers on each boob 


matte black elastic for straps and around edges


the bamboo lining option is recommended for cups E and F, but is of course optional for any cup size. it is a lining which allows for much more comfort and support. the bralet is lined in the front with a thick bamboo fabric covered in dimples which is microencapsulated with silver. making it hypoallergenic, antimicrobial and eliminates pathogens. simply speaking it makes your boobs more comfy, and in warm weather reduces sweat build up and odors.


please note that unless specified not to, cups D and larger will have a thicker red and black band underbust for extra comfort and support

peachy flowers hemp bralet

  • these are best washed by hand using natural detergent in cool water. love your naturally dyed hemp!

please allow upto 4 weeks for clothing to be made and dispatched as it is all made with patience, love and care. beautiful things take time