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hand carved from beech wood (from local scraps), this is my theraputic yet painful craft for when i'm through with making jumpers for the day...


i designed this shape for measuring out my own natural dye extracts (powders that I keep in jars) so that I could transfer from jar to bowl without spillage and in small amounts so as to measure them carefully. but they'd be ideal for many things, coffee, loose tea, salt, spices etc...


6.6 inches long and the scoop is 1 inch wide


has been made then finished with food safe wood conditioner, so is good for eating or serving, re-conditioning is recommended but not essential and can be bought from many places


can be hand painted with a bean, leaves or a moon, message me if you'd like this


PLEASE NOTE these are made to order, so allow up to a week for posting :)))))

small wooden measuring scoop

  • returns and refunds will only be given if the item is broken or clearly not as described. i do my best to be accurate (as are the colours on the photo) but each one is different and I can't guarantee things to be idential. patience, grasshopper.