the majority of my pieces are made to measure, here is a little info on how to measure yourself.

UNDERBUST - inches under the bust

CUP SIZE - if you know you're usual bra size then this is fine, otherwise measure your chest around the widest part and compare the difference to the underbust.

a difference of

0-1 inches is A,

1-2 inches is B,

3-4 inches is C,

5-6 inches is D,

6-7 inches is DD,

7-8 inches is E,

9-10 inches is F.

WAIST - narrowest part of body, this is where shorts and high waisted pants will sit

HIPS - around the level of your hip bones, NOT below/around your bum. the pants/shorts will stretch to fit over this.

SHORTS LENGTH - inches from waist down to where you want the shorts to end

organic cotton t-shirts and jumpers are approximately these measurements

XS - 19" across chest 27" long

S- 20" across chest 28" long

M- 21" across chest 28" long

L- 22" across chest 29" long

XL- 24" across chest 30" long

XXL- 26" across chest 30" long

organic cotton fluffy jumpers

S - 21" long, 20" across chest 27" from base of neck to the elasticated cuff

M - 24" long, 22" across chest 28" from base of neck to the elasticated cuff

L - 26" long, 24" across chest 29" from base of neck to the elasticated cuff

XL - 28" long, 25" across chest 30" from base of neck to the elasticated cuff

i'm inviting you to have a relationship with your pants...

the best kind of garment care is cool hand wash with natural detergent. this saves water, energy and is kinder to your handmade clothing. when you love something, you look after it.